Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Well its Been A While

Sozz for the radio silence.  To be honest its only when Mr Google sent me a message about my blog not being found it reminded me to write a post.
So life has been crazy this year - the death of a young family member was a huge shock which we are still all trying to make sense of.  Two weeks after the death I was commissioned to do a character range of cards for Cath Tate Cards for world wide license.  The rang has been mega successful - distribution deals now in Australia, trials in Paperchase and more recently added to ASOS.  Imagine drawing with a broken heart?? Thats what I did.  I love the end result though and am looking forward to its expansion in 2020.
Heres a few images!  Promise I'll write more in my blog!

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Christmas 2018 - Its here!

Christmas 2018!
Blimey I'm 'rubbish at this blogging malarky!!  Sozz no posts for age.
I've been working on our Christmas designs since May 2018 so showing this work feels weird - like a baby bird flying the nest. I went for a simple but stylish design and put all the emphasis into the qualilty.  Everything has been BRITISH sourced - card, the print, the envelope and of course designed by us at Wotmalike HQ in Hampshire.  The card is top quality, the gold envelopes add a touch of luxury - not to mention the shiny gold foil embossed print rich colours just finish them off.  Add our highly successful POSH bit and we've got a winner.  We are supplying shops from Inverness to the Isle of Wight and selling in 6 countries so very happy with how 2018 has gone for us as a business. 

Friday, 27 April 2018

Terracotta Warriors at the World Museum in Liverpool 2018

Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd

Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd

Terracotta Warriors World Museum 2018 Liverpool Merchandise by Wotmalike Ltd
I'm just a bit (well not just a bit) like a load really proud of the merchandise I designed for the Terracotta Warriors visiting Liverpool's World Museum.  They are expecting around 4 million visitors and so far its been a roaring success. It runs from March through til October and is well worth a visit.
From a design perspective all previous merchandise for the Terracotta Warriors was a little "traditional" I decided to put a modern twist on it.  Every warrior is different so I applied this factor to all the drawings.  Every one of my warriors is different and is accurate according to rank, uniform, head dress so I learned quite a bit in the design process.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Character Keyrings by Wotmalike

Being an illustrator and a business owner sometimes the illustration side gets overlooked as I run the business along with my lovely team of staff.  The characters started out as a little project for me after I was asked by The Beatles Story in Liverpool to produce some Mop Top Bealtes characters.  (This artwork is exclusive to the Beatles Story).John Lennon and Paul McCartney by Wotmalike Ltd
Then other customers asked for their favourite characters and now I have quite a long list.
Who knew I would love drawing people in my very own drawing style.  I could honestly do it all day.  I really try to create not only a likeness but also a part of their character.  My Morrissey has a slight jut of the jaw which makes it really Morrissey.  Amy is looking from the side and Liam Gallagher has a slight scowl whilst still be dead handsome. My favourites by far have been Amy Winehouse and Blondie - I think its cos I love them both.
Amy Winehouse drawn by Jo Burrows at Wotmalike Ltd
Blondie Debbie Harry drawn by Jo Burrows at Wotmalike Ltd
If you have any suggestions I'd happily consider them!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Gin Rhymes with Win

Lifes Too Short for Single Gins By Wotmalike
Lifes Too Short for Single Gins Print By Wotmalike

Lifes Too Short for Single Gins wooden sign By Wotmalike

Lifes Too Short for Single Gins wooden keyring By Wotmalike
Lifes too short for Single Gins by Wotmalike
Gin Rhymes with Win - winner Rhymes with dinner - Guess I'm having GIN for tea tonight!
New Lifes Too Short For Single Gins products are really tapping into the love we have for gin at the moment!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Northumbria Uni Prints and Postcards

Northumbria Uni by Wotmalike Ltd

Northumbria Uni by Wotmalike Ltd

Northumbria Uni by Wotmalike Ltd
Love doing a commission and was super pleased to rejig an old design for Northumbria Uni and their International Students.  Lovely work if you can get it. #myNUlife

Monday, 26 June 2017

Me Da's A Miner

Always nice to work with talented people and I was delighted to work with Matt Reilly (poet) again.  I wanted to create something for a mining museum which had a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.  When I spoke to Matt about him producing a poem I told him this and gave him some dialect words to incorporate into the poem.  I created this illustration from a photo I took when I was at woodhorn.  The colours and feeling I think are spot on.  I'm loving the love this has already received.