Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New Range of Scouse Stuff now on sale!!

Ooooh! New Scouse range went live on 1st January and already have been picked up by Liverpool Tourist offices at Albert Dock and at John Lennon Airport. I love the Yer Me Weerld card - I can even say this one is a Scouse Accent. My lovely mate Jan Weedall (who is a Scouser) helped with all the sayings and kept me right!! First reactions have been very positive so I think this range will do really well. Next area already started.... I'll keep you updated when I've got something to show!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Delaying tactics in design.

I've got a big hefty complicated design to do and am using the "busy doing other things" technique (like now) to put off getting my head down and get drawing. Someone KICK ME UP THE ARSE and force me to sit down and draw with a pencil. Right thats it, no more putting it off. I'll do it now.... well after a coffee........