Thursday, 23 February 2012

Being a designer is great..... (just not all the time)

I've got designer blues - well they are more like greens to be precise.  We switched print companies - found a better one who care about existing customers rather than chasing after new ones (theres more but I don't want to start a rant).  Anyway sent through loads of work to go to bulk print and the proofs came back with colours are all different.  Our new printer is lovely and helpful but it looks like I will just move into my office never go out again (well I don't go out too much now anyway) and change all my fifty billion card designs to match their colour profiles!!  So Merry Christmas everyone I may be some time!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Wuh aal luv wah Mams (We all love our Mums)

Just getting ready for Mothers Day here at Geordie HQ - marketing starts next week once we've got Valentines day out of the way.  Had a long old week this week but its been very productive. We've now got an agent in Liverpool for our Scouse Stuff and are pushing forward with the other new ranges.  PHEW!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Eeeh Thanks Pet!

How fab!  Rebecca who has the lovely and inspirational Little Tree Design blog has kindly featured me along with some of the best illustrators and designers around today.  I'm welling up...... its just like getting an Oscar, well without the dress, and the paps and oh yeah its for drawing!! 

Thanks pet much appreciated. 

Friday, 3 February 2012

World Domination.... mmmwwahhahahha (little finger to side of mouth)

Well life is Canny Good if not really mad busy at the moment. We have Geordie Mugs (for Tyneside), Scouse Stuff (for Merseyside) and now we are working on Canny Good (for Northumbria) (  We are also working with some amazing design companies such as Rude Wrappings have a look (very rude but very funny) we mutually love each others products and have very funny business meetings!  Its all good just need a few more hours in each day.....