Monday, 6 June 2016

New Liverpool City Brights

Horse Cards, Equestrian Gifts by Wotmalike
Well its been ages since I've blogged - naughty me! Been week in week out adding more new products to our ranges as well as assisting in the production of the personalised items we sell everyday.  We have successfully licensed our equestrian range to a big wholesale company in the UK and are still waiting to finalise our world wide license with a paper goods company.  Its lovely to see so many horse lovers tell us how much they love this new range.  There are more cards, ceramics and textiles to come later this year.
Our new CITY BRIGHTS range has been really well received in Liverpool again loads more to add to this range!  We have introduced new technology to give a fabulous bright and vibrant look to our new sign designs whilst still being permanent and waterproof.  A particular highlight recently has been the DILLY DING keyrings for Waterstones Leicester (obvs after Leicester City won the league)!
Dilly Ding, Dilly Dong keyrings at Waterstones Leicester