Tuesday, 24 July 2012

City Artwork

Heres a sneak peak of one section of the new piece of artwork which I have just finished for my new collection which is all about the iconic imagery of the North East.  The whole piece has taken me literally about 2 whole weeks to do.  If I wasn't our inhouse designer I think we probably couldn't afford this piece - I have faffed on endlessly with colourways and minor details. This weekend I was in Newcastle and I stood in Fenwicks department store watching people just walk up and buy my products - eeeh it was lovely!! 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sorry Scouse Stylee

Busy as usual (well apart from yesterday when I was rubbish at drawing so I watched GeordieShore instead)!! We have been working hard on marketing our Scouse Stuff and have now got a super duper sparkly new agent who represents three other MASSIVE brands so we are in great company. We are soooo excited and have got new fabulous stores taking the Scouse stuff.  Christmas is still hanging around so am doing loads of new work for that which I can't show you til later in the year (sorry).  Anyway talking of sorry heres the latest Scouse card - Sozz!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

All the Best like!

Working hard at the moment finishing our Christmas production for Geordie and Scouse plus refreshing designs with newer versions (as above). We had a monumental moment for us this week when we hired a professional photographer to photograph all our products for us.  Usually I take the photos with my camera with sellotape on it!!  The photos look amazing - eeeeh how grown up are we??  I'll show you some when we've got the unwatermarked versions!