Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blog Feature Stylenest

OOOOh my cards got a mention in a very stylish blog this week - eeeh how fab. Click on the image to visit the blog!  The story about the baby headbutting did make me wince a little! Kids are dangerous creatures sometimes!  Working on our new Geordie range - just waiting for the first production samples eeeeeeeeh! 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Wot Fettle??

YAY!! My new range has just gone on sale today for Cumbria its called WOT FETTLE and currently is a range of all occasion greeting cards and a couple of mugs.  Its already been shown to a few customers who love it and now can order it.  Very happy - I love Cumbria and the Lake District so this will be a great excuse to go up there and see how its doing.  Their dialect is fab - I love dogs and love the fact they call dogs - JEWKELS! Very funny.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mug Gate

AAArrrggghhh our mug supplier decided to stop manufacturing the mugs we have been using (unless we bought 8 billion from them) so we have had several weeks of what we refer to as "Mug Gate".  Finally after lots of emails, phonecalls, wasted sampling fees we have now sorted out "Mug Gate" and have just ordered our first bulk order as had completely ran out of mugs!!  The designs work even better as they are printed from top to bottom - they look really fresh.  Phew! They are due to hit the shops next week.  Copy cats beware we are going to kick your ass with our new products! wwwhahahahaha! #strokesbigwhitecat

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Talk about stress! Been uber muber shuber (trying to emphasise the point) busy lately.  Now got FIVE brands - the latest being Cumbria - Wot Fettle - going out to the shops right now in order to catch the start of the season in the Lake District.  Heres a look at one of the designs.  In addition to GETTING THE MANC (North Divide) STUFF INTO THE LOWRY GALLERY - woo hoo!! Very happy about that.  Phew its all go!
We are also very happy about the blog from JoJo too - she's an amazing mother and writer and blogger have a look.