Sunday, 25 November 2012

Manchester Range - North Divide TICK

Very pleased to say the North Divide Range for Manchester has now gone off to print, copyrights all lodged with our agent so we are GO GO GO - well in January we will be when it all goes on sale. The range is really quite big and will include cards, mugs and coasters. The few sneaky clients who've seen it already have all loved it and want it so reaction is good. Thanks to lots of Manc folk who I've rang up and said "would you say this" and "how would you spell that" when getting the dialect and sayings just right. Still go the brochure, all the webstuff and promo to do for it so no rest yet.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

GeordieMugs are lush (OFFICIAL)!

Very nice to have a mention in a really fab blog by JoJo Kirtley - a fellow Geordie lass now living in Manchester who's deed clever and writes great stuff including PLAYS - oooooohhherrrr.  Ch-ch-ch-check it oooot....  click on this text  JoJo's blog

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christmas and things

Been in Newcastle which was fab - ate and drank too much but had a great time.  Came back and tried to do some kids fashion work for my agent.  OMG!!  I have sweated over EVERY decision,  I have reworked the same piece of work four times.  Anyway I've decided I'm sticking to drawing teddies, penquins and polar bears!! I'm DEFINATELY a stationery designer!