Tuesday, 13 November 2012

GeordieMugs are lush (OFFICIAL)!

Very nice to have a mention in a really fab blog by JoJo Kirtley - a fellow Geordie lass now living in Manchester who's deed clever and writes great stuff including PLAYS - oooooohhherrrr.  Ch-ch-ch-check it oooot....  click on this text  JoJo's blog


  1. I met Tim Healy when I was studying for my Masters degree and he said to me, "EEEEEE pet, how does a Geordie lass from Longbenton get into University to dee a proper degree, like..." Made my life! Love your blog btw. xxx

  2. Ah JoJo its a mutal blog love in!! My claim to fame is meeting Jimmy Nail on a flight and then having to call my Mam to tell her. I always remember her saying "eeeh is he as luvly in real life pet" and he was - really funny and charming! Geordies are taking over the world - Ant and Dec are just awesome on Im a celeb at the mo!! Oooh and we made friends with the folk from Hebburn this week too - have you watched it yet??