Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Rosie and Radish

Geordie Design Love Rosie and Radish
Had a GREAT week last week seeing customer being told how fabulous my work is in the sunshine with my Mam - eating cake and drinking coffee! Whats not to like??   Had a chance to meet up with two fellow designers who have an amazing brand called Rosie and Radish.  We are totally kindred spirits and have a mutual appreciation of each others work.  Check them oot at www.rosieandradish.com

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

New Biz card

Geordie Cards, Geordie Mugs, Bykerlass New Logo
So next week is a big big week for me and our biz. Presentations to big big buyers (Dragons Den and the Apprentice meets Geordie Shore)....  so I did a new biz card in honor usually I NEVER have them as I think they are a bit crap but thought as I should get some done.  I think they look fine without being corporate. Oooooh fingers xd it will all go well...