Thursday, 23 February 2012

Being a designer is great..... (just not all the time)

I've got designer blues - well they are more like greens to be precise.  We switched print companies - found a better one who care about existing customers rather than chasing after new ones (theres more but I don't want to start a rant).  Anyway sent through loads of work to go to bulk print and the proofs came back with colours are all different.  Our new printer is lovely and helpful but it looks like I will just move into my office never go out again (well I don't go out too much now anyway) and change all my fifty billion card designs to match their colour profiles!!  So Merry Christmas everyone I may be some time!


  1. Ooh I hate it when colours just aren't what you want, sometimes it never looks the same on paper as it does on screen! Hope it all works out in the end and if in doubt have a cuppa!x

  2. Oh what a ball ache! Get yourself some chocolate....and a bottle of wine...then you won't care if the colours are crap :-)
    Good luck xxx

  3. Ah thanks chickens - looks like I'll need loads of wine! Have had to halt production for a couple of weeks whilst all this is being sorted out! Bummer! Hope your all well and happy in the world of design! JoX