Sunday, 8 May 2011

More Geordie card designs

Another busy week - really great one for design - firstly me and Jane got our first massive order through for Waterstones the book shops so are supplying them in the NE now!  YIPPEE  More new designs are being requested all the time so heres the latest ones (Cleva and Gannin) can't believe we've now got 34 cards in the range (not including the seasonal cards) - only started with four designs originally!  Had to squeeze in a couple of stationery designs for my lovely agent Rory for Surtex next weekend in New  York.  Phew! Totally love it - closing date for IWCYC (Entrepeneurs challenge) is today so fingers xd we'll be shortlisted! ITS ALL GOOD!


  1. Ah thanks Jane - I love your work too! Your "deed cleva" XX

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