Tuesday, 12 July 2011

So much stuff going on

Sooooo much stuff going on. Everyday I'm designing Christmas stuff but can't show you any of the new work as its all hush hush ITS TOTALLY LUSH!!  Heres a design I did last week which Jane (my biz partner) begged me not to market straight away as we have had so many orders to fulfill without adding more! We've been doing lots of work with manufacturers for our new gift range which will add a whole dimension to what we do.  Also been approached by another BIG HIGH STREET store (can't say who just yet) who want our stuff so its manic!! Still manage to paint/decorate/walk dog/be a mummy/wife/drink wine/ and see friends Phew!!

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  1. wowee you are sooo busy, glad you still find time to drink wine :-)