Saturday, 10 December 2011

Local Business Accelerator Competition

What a funny old week.  First of all I have made some monumental mistakes this week.  Like finding my mobile phone in the school carpark - even though I hadn't realised I'd lost it.  Like sending an order of 70 cards out to a new customer - without any envelopes.  Like forgetting how to start my new car (its automatic and you have to press the brake).  DOH! Jane my business partner said I'm on my last warning haha! I think its because of Christmas and all the stuff you have to try and cram in. ANYWAY.... our GeordieMugs business got shortlisted for the Government Business Accelerator Competition where they find business and help them grow quicker to aid the economy and create jobs. Have a look at the link below. Fingers xd - we'd LOVE the free advertising which goes with this prize as it fits right in with our promotional strategy for next year!  Ooohheerr!

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