Friday, 30 March 2012

Thank you Angela Nickeas for the Liebster award

A sunny image to go with my mood today - thanks so much to Angela Nickeas for passing on the Liebster Blog Award.  I'm in such great company with other designers I don't actually know personally but definately know and respect their work.  Eeeh I'm touched (said in a Geordie accent).
Keeping things Geordie - yesterday we did a sneak peak of our new Blaydon Races 150 anniversary mug. Blaydon races is a race event which took place 9th June 1862 - theres a very famous song which you will all know if you hear it "ooohhh me lads you should've seen us gannin". Anyway twitter went mad - we were inundated with requests for this mug so had to quickly put it on our website and take pre-orders!! It was like being a celeb......  then I get the Liebster award from Angela..... think I'd best get me roots done just incase Jonathan Ross calls!

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