Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Scouse City Coasters are here!

Been waiting for our City Coasters to arrive (for Geordie and Scouse) - and they are now here - they are lovely melamine (not cheap rubbish) and are 10.5cm square so they are fairly substantial in size.  So pleased we got them before Christmas!  If you know a special Scouser (CLICK HERE)  or Geordie CLICK HERE get them one - only £1.99 and free postage (BARGAIN!)
End of blatant plug!


  1. Suddenly remembered we have a Scouser in our family....been and ordered a teatowel/coaster combo :-)

    You need to stick a link on your post xxx

    1. Done - Thanks Dawn links now added (DOH!) Hope you likee your stuff X