Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Paper Mache Houses

Geordie gifts by Geordie Mugs The Geordie Gifts Company

Geordie gifts by Geordie Mugs
Did this house in paper mache a while ago - it sits on my window sill in my office and gets much admiration from passers by.  I have been asked to do a paper mache sculpture as a prize for a friends charity ball in December so have decided to do a snowy Christmas house which could be a Christmas deccy which comes out every year. Now I just need to find the time to do it!! haha!


  1. You are the best papier mache person I have ever come across....you are wasted doing tax returns and whatever other rubbish you've been faffing about with of late....you need to ditch it and become an artist Jo...you know I'm right! ;-)

  2. I would LOVE just to be an artist and do paper mache sculpture all the time. Sadly I have to run the biz to pay for dog food and wine!