Saturday, 15 March 2014

New Website!! Woo Hoo

Cards4Geordies and Geordie Gifts 

Lots to celebrate this week! First of all I (Jo designer aka bykerlass) have been given the all clear after enduring years of chemotherapy for an auto immune condition so that was GREAT NEWS.  Alongside the launch of our all new singing and dancing website.  It's totally brilliant and includes intuitive shopping - we are totally loving it as are our customers.  It was definitely worth all the effort to get it up and running.  Then we got a retweet mention by Lauren Laverne on twitter have a look (she has almost 300,000 followers). Sales are going really well, new products are being added and a new range is about to hit the shops!  Happy Happy Happy! (just like Pharrell)


  1. Well done all round, it's brilliant to see you go from strength to strength! :)

    1. Ah thanks Julie so nice of you to say XXX

    2. Just added you to the nice designy types at the side XX

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