Sunday, 15 June 2014


Geordie Mugs Geordie Cards and Gifts the best!!

Geordie Mugs Geordie Cards and Gifts the best!!
Had a big spike in twitter activity yesterday.  Steph McGovern from BBC Breakfast business tweeted a picture of loads of my cards she had bought in Newcastle.  She has 75,000 followers so I got some really nice tweets about my work (ahhhh) nice to be appreciated.  Chris Ramsey the comedian is a friend of a friend and he liked his Best Daddy in Hebburn card (in the TV show he became a Dad)!
Soooo I'm now available for red carpet events should anyone wish to hire me!! haha!


  1. Excellent. Now you just need to make friends with Sarah Millican. She really has got a lot of Twitter power! Send her some free cards :)

    1. I've seen loads of tweets to her about my stuff in the past but she's never said anything (sniff) may have to send her some cards as you suggest! jox